What is psychotherapy? How it can help you?

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What is psychotherapy? How it can help you?


Psychotherapy is good for you because it helps you to:

Understand your illness
Define and reach wellness goals
Overcome fears or insecurities
Cope with stress
Make sense of past traumatic experiences
Separate your true personality from the mood swings caused by your illness
Identify triggers that may worsen your symptoms
Improve relationships with family and friends
Establish a stable, dependable routine
Develop a plan for coping with crises
Understand why things bother you and what you can do about them
End destructive habits such as drinking, using drugs, overspending or unhealthy sex.
Psychotherapy can help you cope with feelings and symptoms that may contribute to your illness, to your sadness.
Psychotherapy is not just “talking about your problems”; it is also working toward solutions.
In your therapy you might be encouraged to look at things in a different way or learn new ways to react to events or people.
But, beyond all those words…look at this  video!


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